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Instead of telling potential B2B clients all of the reasons they need your product, let your other satisfied customers speak for you. Case studies are an ideal way to reach business-to-business prospects by identifying their "pain points" and walking them through the ways in which your clients have solved those pain points with your products. Case studies make ideal long form blog posts or gated downloads for lead capturing. They are also great fodder for parceling out and recycling smaller content.

This package entails:

  • strategic planning for one long form case study
  • client interviews (up to 2)
  • transcript of client interviews, with key quotes for future marketing use.
  • image sourcing and layout
  • Final product: in-depth case study (aprx 750-1,200 wds) ideal for a B2B-focused blog.

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Getting started

-Identify clients for case study and gain relevant permissions