About Allison

Storytelling is the new imperative for business. From a long-form blog post, to a series of tweets, just about anything can be framed as a dynamic, engaging story. As a marketing communications professional with an MFA in Creative Writing, I specialize in creating content marketing that helps tech startups, small businesses and social profit companies tell stories that are consumer centered and--most importantly--stories that create brand loyalty.


Allison was one of our Seattle-based freelance writers at Townsquared. She is a great writer, both in terms of coming up with relevant topics and the final product. Allison was my favorite writer w... Read more →
Amy Johnson
Allison is the communications and PR manager for my sculpture studio. We have worked together for the past eight years and during that time she helped me grow from a small, unknown artist into one ... Read more →
Tomas Vrba